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  • 2401,2019

    4 Students from UNAIR's Environmental Engineering program created 15 biogas during their school break

    membuat-15-biogas-isi-liburan-4-mahasiswa-teknik-lingkungan-unair-1.jpegThe members of Energinesia Community, and other volunteers building a biogas together (Source: Private Documentation)

    UNAIR NEWS –  4 students majoring in Environmental Engineering (TL) at Airlangga University (UNAIR) volunteered for the construction of 15 biogas units in a village near the slopes of Mount Lawu. The event was called ‘Energy Revived Country # 1 (EBN # 1) organized by the Energinesia Community for 6 days until the beginning of 2019 (02/01).


    Wildani Mahmudah was accompanied by three other students, Shella Azen, Dhany Damayanti, and Ummul Zata Farahiyah alongside the Energinesia Community to execute the planned program.“

    "This community which operations in the field of environmental studies designed a program that focuses on the availability and sustainability of energy in local communities to obtain an independent source of energy," explained Wildani.

    The event took place in Ploso Village, Ngawi Regency, which included a rigid selection process for the team members selected for the execution of this project. There existed large potentials for this village of farmers and breeders to obtain an independent source of energy, namely utilizing cow manure for biogas.

    Kettle farming does have many benefits, especially within the feces or manure. Cow manure contains methane gas which produces a greenhouse effect that is more destructive than carbon dioxide.

    "With the construction of this biogas to process such manure, it can create renewable energy and contributes to minimizing the effects of global warming," said the third-semester student.

    According to Wildani, these 6 days were very fulfilling. The purpose of her participation in this event is to understand how to make biogas by experiencing the process first-hand. 

    Aside from learning how to make biogas, 4 volunteers from UNAIR and 34 others had the opportunity to experience the local wisdom of the people of Ploso and the families residing there.

    "We as volunteers were also continuously learning about the meaning of mutual cooperation that rarely occurs in cities. Additionally, we are also invited to Srambang Park tours for free, "said Wildani.

    Group Picture: Energinesia Community and Volunteers participating in creating 15 units of biogas. (Private Documentation)

    When asked what lessons were obtained after taking part in the event, it is that actions speak louder than words, and sometimes theories are different when put into practice. The same is true when viewing a biogas model. It seems easy to make but in reality the creation process revealed numerous challenges.

    Wildani hopes that there will be more events like this to come, emphasizing on the vast advantages that can be obtained.

    "I am grateful to be a part of EBN#1. I have obtained numerous necessary knowledge. Thank you Energinesia." She concluded (*)


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